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If you love living or working in Knowle, Dorridge or Bentley Heath (KDBH), and care about the future of our villages, then you've come to the right place! ​ This site is dedicated to all things KDBH.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum is to ensure KDBH is a unique place to live, work, play and enjoy spending time in for our residents, businesses and visitors. 


We aim to do this through promoting and endorsing the policies and processes in the approved Neighbourhood Plan that seek to bring a high quality of life for all residents, in an environment where new residents are welcomed, people feel safe and have a sense of pride in both place and community. We also work with key stakeholders in our community to ensure KDBH has a vibrant local economy. 

Latest updates

Click below for the latest newsletter.  Previous newsletters can be read here.

A useful briefing note on the NPPF, Local Plan Review and other planning matters was recently issued by Mark Andrews, Head of Planning, Design and Engagement Services, SMBC in December which can be read here:

We are carrying on with our work on the Neighbourhood Plan Update and have  received the “Housing Needs Assessment Focused Update 2023” from our consultants along with a “Demographic and Socio-Economic Review”.  These will help us in suggesting revisions to the Neighbourhood Plan.



If there’s anything that you’d like us to be thinking about in respect of the Neighbourhood Plan Update, again please email us at

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