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If you love living or working in Knowle, Dorridge or Bentley Heath (KDBH), and care about the future of our villages, then you've come to the right place! ​ This site is dedicated to all things KDBH.

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December 2021 - March 2022

7 April 2022

Winter 21/22 has been extraordinarily busy for your Forum team. The demand on some of our key resources - particularly IT and planning related - has been especially challenging.  March has therefore seen us in 'catch-up' mode to bring everything fully up-to-date, including all website changes.

Throughout this period, however, our 1,000+ registered Forum members have been kept fully informed via our electronic newsletters, which is the best way to ensure that you receive all the latest updates.  It's very quick and easy to register Here.

Learn more about the whole range of activities we've been involved in by reading our December, February and March newsletters clicking on the images below.  


December 2021


February 2022

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March 2022