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If you love living or working in Knowle, Dorridge or Bentley Heath (KDBH), and care about the future of our villages, then you've come to the right place! ​ This site is dedicated to all things KDBH.

notice of winding up


5 February 2021

In September 2015, the Forum directors created a limited company - the KDBH NP Ltd - as the Neighbourhood Forum's legal entity.


In April 2019, the KDBH Neighbourhood Plan was successfully adopted by Solihull Council.  With the Plan completed, the Steering Committee reviewed the future role of the Forum and discussed this with members in our public open meetings.  Accordingly, in October 2019, members approved a special resolution at the AGM "that, if the directors of the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan Ltd consider appropriate, the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan Ltd should be wound up..." - the intent being to register with the Charities Commission and create a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). 


We are very pleased to say that what has proved to be a long and arduous process is now complete. As the final step, we are required in law to formally advise the winding up of the Limited Company. Clicking on the buttons below will take you to full details in our newsletter and a copy of the directors' formal DS01 notification to Companies House.


17 January 2021

Arden Triangle and Hampton Road landscape reports

The Forum's specially commissioned landscape reports, now finalised and formally released, are available in our documents library.

19 December 2020

planning application response:
65 knowle wood road

Outline application for access and layout for the demolition of existing dwelling, and the erection of 3 x 5 bedroom houses.

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