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18 October 2021

In September 2021, just before the start of the Solihull Local Plan 'Examination in Public' Hearings, we created the posters below to form part of our display for the Knowle Time Machine and Dorridge Day community events.  The aim is to make it as easy as possible for KDBH residents to understand what the Local Plans mean for KDBH, per our response to the Council's final consultation in December 2020 and following up on the videos below.  

KN1 A3 Map P81 SLP 070921.jpg
KN1 and KN2 Poster1.jpg
KN1 and KN2 Poster2.jpg
KN2 A3 Map P87 SLP 070921.jpg
KN1 and KN2 Poster3.jpg

Solihull Draft Local Plan consultation Oct 202o:

Analysis and feedback

On this page we will provide our emerging analysis of what Solihull Council's Draft Local Plan (SLP) means for KDBH. We are also keen to seek a wide range of community views.

Your Forum Team has responded to the previous stages of consultation, taking account of resident feedback.  You can read these responses 1) Here;  2) Here.   Throughout, the main thrust, reflecting resident concerns, has been to object to the scale of housing and to reduce numbers.


The Forum will respond to this final stage of consultation too.  Your comments are now more important than ever so that we understand community views on the final proposals, thereby helping to shape responses (representations) to the Council. 

This last consultation restricts representations solely to whether the Council's proposals are:  1) legally compliant  and   2) 'sound'.   Our primary focus to date has been on the latter.

We're very aware that navigating though, reading and assessing the huge amount of documentation released by the Council on 30 October is a daunting task.  We have created four short videos, below, as a more 'easy to digest' way to understand what Council proposals mean for KDBH and also to let you know your Forum Team's emerging (but still ongoing) analysis.

Video 1:  Gives important background and context to bear in mind in considering the approach in responding to the Council. 

View Video 1 content in document form Here

Video 2:  Provides an overview of the SLP proposals and how these relate to your KDBH Neighbourhood Plan (NP). We highlight where SLP policies share common themes with the NP; as well as where they are potentially at odds with NP policies and could put at risk delivery of what's been approved as meeting local need.

View Video 2 content in document form Here

Video 3:  Focuses on the Council's 'Concept Masterplan' for each of the two sites in Knowle that it proposes to allocate for new development, considering some of the pros and cons of what this would mean for the community.

View Video 3 content in document form Here

Video 4:  Arrives at the all important question:  Are the plans 'sound'?  - ie. on the basis of the evidence provided, are the proposals realistic and capable of being delivered in practice.

View Video 4 content in document form Here

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