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Community recognition


Community Recognition

solihull civic honours award for KDBH Neighbourhood forum


We are honoured and hugely proud to have been awarded a Group Community Involvement Award

in the Solihull Civic Honours 2019.  


Yes, the Plan was a lot of hard work. More importantly, though, the award recognises that the Plan's success stems from the high level of involvement and active contribution made from individuals and groups across our whole community. We can always rely on KDBH-ians to be both forthcoming and forthright in expressing their views!  


So in fact we collected the award on behalf of our KDBH Neighbourhood and it's something we can all feel part of.  

A heartfelt 'thank you' and 'well done' to you all from the KDBH Forum team!

Mayor Jane Gill Tony Spencer_PVA6040 Q3.
Civic Honours Award Doc.jpg
Spencer Gill Jane Tony IMG_2196 Q5.jpg

The Award was presented by the Mayor and our sponsor Spencer Parkes from Specsavers

at the Civic Suite in the Council House, Solihull on Monday October 14, 2019

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