Map Guide: KDBH Forum Interactive Map


When the map launches there will be this symbol          in the centre of the map. Click on it and a pop up window appears similar to the one shown. Also the Panel on the right opens. This displays Groups and each contains a range of items.

KDBH HE Listed Buildings: contains 39 buildings listed by Historic England (HE) in KDBH.  Learn more about listed buildings at: Historic England 

Clicking on the small arrow opens the Group, clicking on the Eye symbol makes them Visible or Hidden on the map.

In the top right is a small but useful button which zooms in/out so that all Visible items fit on the map.


The + and - symbols Zoom in and out but scrolling your mouse will do the same thing. 

The < and > symbols Close/Open the Panel.

As you zoom in the Dots will become Pointers, HE sites have their logo and HE on the Pointer. 

Select any Dot/Pointer on the map OR an item in the Panel and a photo plus information about that site appears.

To clear the image and text click on the map outside the image.

KDBH Heritage Assets: is work in progress and is waiting for photographs and more details.

Heritage Assets are of local historic or architectural interest. They used to have the old Historic England Grade 3 Classification but this was abolished in 1974. More information at SMBC: Local List of Heritage Assets

Clicking on the MapHub logo takes you to the site the map was created on and gives you the same features.

To Return to this site press Back in your browser.


An alternative way to view the Listed Building items is by selecting the Map Index button. This display all the listed buildings  with a small photograph, brief description. Click on Discover More  and the same page that is accessed from a map Pointer appears providing more information.

To continue exploring select the Map, Map Index, or Map Guide buttons.  The Home button  takes you to the KDBH Home Page.

We hope you enjoy learning more about KDBH.


The KDBH Neighbourhood Forum Interactive Map has been developed to highlight interesting things within and around the Forum Area. We are very grateful to the following for their help and support,


Historic England for supporting us and allowing use of their List.

Learn more about their work which covers more than just listed buildings at https://historicengland.org.uk

Knowle Society for their active involvement and access to their Local History Archive at http://www.knowlesociety.org.uk/local-history-archive/

Knowle History Society for allowing us access to their records. Their website is at http://www.knowlehistory.org.uk

If you can add any information about a site we would like to hear from you.  Also you can submit your information to help "enrich" Historic England's List at https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/enrich-the-list/

Our aim is to stimulate your interest so that you will follow the links to the above organisations, and others, to explore the rich history of our area.

We will be adding more items to the map in the months ahead and would welcome your ideas for things to be added, so please get in touch.