Creating a Neighbourhood Plan involves really getting to know your community.  Beyond the Forum's role in Neighbourhood Planning, this Community space is one way in which we can help enable and further strengthen the real sense of community that is such a valued part of KDBH.  We plan to add a local business page in the future...

KDBH Events calendar

We've added this brand new feature because you told us it would be good to have somewhere to find out more easily what's going on in KDBH.  Take a look at our sample calendar and tell us what you think - if you like it, we'll keep it!  Contact us to add your details.

community groups

Also to help promote what's going on in KDBH, this Section provides an opportunity for any local group to increase its profile in the 


Get in touch to add details or links for your Group.

community actions

You've come up with many ideas for future 

development of KDBH.  We've captured them all - even those that can't form part of a

Neighbourhood Plan (new development, relating to land use).  Here we list and track what's happening to these 'other' ideas. 

photo gallery

Calling all photographers - from budding to professional! 

We want to show KDBH off at its very best.  Do you have photographs that you are willing to share documenting life in our community?   Help us create a Gallery to be proud of...

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