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Current Planning Applications in KDBH neighbourhood Area


Latest Planning Applications

As at 13 June 2024

Latest Planning Applications

As at 30 May 2024

Latest Planning Applications

As at 22 May 2024 

Solihull Council (SMBC) is required to advise the Neighbourhood Forum (NF) of all new planning applications relating to the KDBH Neighbourhood Area (ie. the same as for a Parish Council).  SMBC has thus created a separate view of their planning applications database that makes it easier for us to access details relating to KDBH. Applications can vary greatly in their size and type, ranging from reducing the size of a tree to a home extension to a major new development.


An important aim of your NF is to make is easier and more transparent for local people to access planning information for our community.  We have therefore created a weekly report showing all new KDBH planning applications. You can quickly and easily access this by clicking on the link highlighted in blue above.  Once in the report, clicking on any of the links highlighted in orange takes you through to SMBC's planning database where you can find lots more information on a particular case you may be interested in.

Please note:

  1. any text highlighted in blue can be clicked on to provide more information about that application

  2. the 'Further Information' tab gives the name of the SMBC Case Officer responsible for dealing with the application.  The SMBC Planning Team can be contacted on 0121 704 8008

  3. the 'Contacts' button has details of the relevant Ward Councillors, should you feel the need to contact them

  4. to return to the full report use the Back Key 

  5. the Back to search results option takes you to a Login page! If this happens use the Back Key

Role of NF and Resident Associations

The NF works closely with both our Residents Associations - the Knowle Society and Dorridge and District Residents Association - to keep any eye on what planning applications are being submitted.  In any case, all of us use the adopted KDBH Neighbourhood Plan as the basis for assessing whether an application raises any concerns.  SMBC is also required to apply NP policies to all new developments in our Area unless there is a material consideration that prevents this (eg. a change in planning law).


In most cases, it is the relevant Residents Association that deals with planning applications, with advisory support provided by the NF on request.  Given the need to resource its other activities, including SMBC's Local Plan, the NF focuses on the larger or more complex planning applications, or those with potential Area-wide significance.   Click here to go to our webpage showing NF planning application responses.

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