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developer showcase

16 July 2016, Main Hall, Arden Academy, 10am - 2pm
Event Background and Purpose:

As a Neighbourhood Forum, our role is to work with local residents and businesses; Solihull Council; and landowners and developers to create policies and plans for future development that reflect the priorities and needs of our Area (within the constraints of relevant legislation). 

We are currently waiting for finalised housing numbers from SMBC’s review of the Local Plan - and how these will be distributed across the Borough.  In the meantime, though, we are keen that anyone in our community has an early opportunity to gain a better understanding of what land has been put forward for development as part of SMBC’s ‘Call for Sites’ last January.  Our aim in doing this is to increase the transparency of the planning process to the benefit of everyone concerned.

To this end, we are holding a ‘Developers Showcase’ at Arden Academy, Knowle on Saturday 16th July between 10 am and 2 pm.  We have invited any organisation that has submitted land for potential development to attend, providing an opportunity for them to discuss their plans directly with local people.  This has the added benefit of more open and accurate presentation of proposals replacing ‘rumour mill’ and hearsay. 

Event Format:

Forum Members and local residents will be able to ‘drop in’ to chat informally with Developers, or their Agents, to find out more about their proposals and feedback their thoughts.  Thirteen organisations have already confirmed their attendance (some representing more than one site). Developers also have the opportunity to give a short presentation of their proposals, with time slots being pre-scheduled and advertised on our website, once confirmed - please watch this space for more details shortly.

Members of the Forum Steering Committee and Focus Groups will be present in the main venue throughout the time, and at each presentation.   Our displays will include updated maps showing all the locations of land submitted in January’s ‘call for sites’.  We will be on hand to listen to your feedback in person, as well as providing boxes for written feedback - all of which will become part of our analysis as we start thinking about issues and options for future plans.



Please note that this is intended as an information dissemination and sharing event only, so is without prejudice to any future planning applications.

Developer proposals

17 developers took up the opportunity to display and explain their proposals to over 400 people who attended the Event.  The Forum team were also on hand to ensure residents had details of all the other sites not represented on the day.

Call for sites map

This was undoubtedly the most popular of all the material produced for the Developer Showcase.  Using information provided by SMBC, we plotted all the sites offered for development onto a map of the KDBH Area.  

A picture speaks a thousand words!....    

Proposals/Sites Map
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