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Draft local plan - SMBC CONSULTATION

9 October 2020

Final Version of Solihull Council Local Plan About to be Published


On Tuesday this week, the Council approved the final version of its 'Local Plan' for consultation.  This Plan sets out the Council's planning policies and sites allocated for new development across the Borough through to 2036.  It includes two sites in Knowle for c. 800 new homes, a new primary and replacement secondary school building.  


This, in particular, has been occupying large chunks of the Forum team's time, both monitoring and inputting to discussions with the Council and our Ward Councillors; and also planning and preparing for how we enable effective consultation across our community. Although Covid means this must per force be primarily on line, we are very keen to ensure that those without digital access do have a chance to make their views known.


More on this shortly.  In the meantime, as a heads up, we have created an e-book of some key parts of the Local Plan documentation provided last week for Solihull Council Cabinet Member review - extracting in particular sections most relevant to KDBH.  There are 210 pages, covering planning policies (what's the impact for our own Neighbourhood Plan policies?);  and (from page 164 onwards) the KDBH site allocations.  We will update this document, adding in Forum commentary, once the official consultation version is formally launched.

January 2019:  
Solihull Local Plan Supplementary Update

At the Forum meeting on 27 February 2019 (7pm, Arden Academy Main Hall), Solihull Council are presenting their latest update to their Local Plan proposals for new development in our Neighbourhood Area.   Your Neighbourhood Forum Team assessed the Council's proposals and presented a summary of what they mean for KDBH at January's Forum meeting. You can read this presentation Here.

You may have questions that you want to ask the Council -  some questions that have already been raised are shown below.  To try and find a way to include those not able to attend the Forum meeting in person, we are trialling some software that enables you to input your question(s) for the Council in advance of the meeting.  


You can do this by going to (Now Closed).  Please note that, once you have pressed 'Submit' and received the message "Thanks, we've received your input!", then you can disregard the remaining screens and simply exit the application.  Any questions that contain personally identifiable information, profane or otherwise inappropriate language will be excluded.  


We will close this link at 5pm on Tuesday 26 February to give us time to analyse the outcome.  We will also investigate if we can make the information available to everyone on our website.  


Thanks in advance for helping us with our trial!

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 11.25.57.png
Winter 2016/17
stage 2 consultation on the draft local plan


Almost exactly a year on from launching their 'Local Plan Scope, Issues and Options' consultation, Solihull Council issued their 'Draft Local Plan'.  A second round of consultation started.  


Without doubt, it came as a shock to see that the proposals included 1050+ more homes to be built on two large Green Belt (and thus-far protected) sites close to the village centre.  The Forum acted quickly to raise awareness and provide a focus for people in KDBH to debate and respond to the proposals.  

An extraordinary Forum meeting in December 2016 was dedicated to the Local Plan Consultation, with representatives of SMBC and Developers presenting their proposals and answering questions from residents.   Many Members subsequently sent their views in to the Forum, which were consolidated to form the basis of a response to SMBC.

For the second year running, team members sacrificed personal time over the holiday period drafting the response.  This allowed good time to circulate a draft for Member review and feedback, and also to use February's Forum meeting to finalise the submission, which can be found  Here   



Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath (KDBH) Neighbourhood Plan Forum Meeting

13 February 2017, 7pm, Arden Academy

  • Discussion of the Forum's response to SMBC on the Draft Local Plan. The link below is to our draft response, which will be finalised at the meeting and sent the following day.

  • Outline of proposed Neighbourhood Plan Policies for discussion and feedback.  This process of developing Policies will continue over the next few months, building on your feedback.

Details below of the Draft Local Plan consultation publicised on our our website:

Arden Academy are holding events on Wednesday 1st February to publicise their potential plan for the Academy site.  The events are at Arden Academy 10.30am - 4.30pm and 6.00pm - 8.00pm.  

There is information on their proposal on their site

1050 new homes for Knowle?

Extraordinary Forum meeting 7 December 2016, 7pm, Arden Academy


Links to Presentations from the night are below                              

Agenda for the meeting Here

Presentation by Solihull Council on their Draft Local Plan for consultation Here

An alternative dispersed sites option presented by the Forum Here

Presentation by Knowle Football Club on the Hampton Rd site Here

Presentation by Arden Academy on the Arden Triangle site Here


Previous developer material provided for our Developer Showcase (but not presented at this meeting), outlining proposals for other potential development sites in KDBH, available Here

Thank You for your feedback on the night - if you have further comments please email us at 

1050 new homes for Knowle?

SMBC's meeting to approve the Draft Local Plan for consultation has been delayed until 10th November 2016.  

Papers for the meeting:     Solihull Council's Draft Local Plan December 2016 for approval  Here


750 houses for  Arden Triangle?

and 300 houses for  Hampton Rd?


Don't miss your opportunity to have a say : 

Extraordinary Forum meeting 7 December 2016, 7pm, Arden Academy

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