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The graphic below was handed out to attendees showing the sites that were represented on the day.  We have used this graphic to provide a simple way of accessing material for each of the sites.

A reminder that the Site number is as allocated by Solihull Council as part of their Borough-wide Call for Sites (also shown on the KDBH Call for Sites map).

The diagram is interactive - clicking on a blue link e.g. Plan will display that document.  
Note that some of the documents may take a while to load due to the amount of graphical content.  

Some developers provided more information than others, ranging from: 

Plan is self explanatory and may possibly contain additional information
Form refers to Solihull Council's Call for Sites Application Form
Letter or Statement refers to  an additional document supporting the application
Vision refers to a full colour brochure
Access refers to a plan showing access routes to the development
Redacted in the file title means that some sensitive items may be blacked out e.g. a signature, phone number

Lady Byron Lane
Plan; Form

Plan and Form

Knowle FC & land
at Hampton Rd
​213: Plan; Form; Proposal
214: Form
215: Form
​166: Plan; Form; Proposal

Golden End Farm

59: Plan; Statement

Land at r/o 114 Kenilworth Rd
Plan 1:2500; 
Plan 1:5000
Traffic Appraisal

Arden Triangle
​153: Statement
​154: Form; Letter
155: Plan; Form; Letter
156: Plan; Form; Letter; ​Statement
​157: Plan; Form; Letter; Statement

                    Land at Grove Rd
​149: Plan; Form; Letter
​109: Plan; Form; Comments;  Access
149&109 Access 1; Access 2; Access 3 

Rotten Row Farm
118: Plan; Form

Blue Lake Rd
104: Vision

Land at Dorridge Rd
​135: Plan; Form; Vision

Four Ashes Rd / Box Trees
199: Proposal 
(includes Plan, Form, Ecological Review and Statement)

Box Trees Farm
203: Plan and Form

Smiths Lane
207: Plan; Form; Proposal
3: Plan; Form; Letter

Land at Blythe House,

Widney Manor Road
108: Plan; Form; Letter

Other information submitted to SMBC in response to their Call for Sites

(from Developers not attending the Developer Showcase)


27:   Land at rear of 36 Lady Byron Lane  Form and Plan

29:   The Orchard, 79 Earlswood Road  Form; Letter

68:   Land at Jacobean Lane  Form and Plan

72:   Browns Lane  Form and Plan

88:   Land south of Blyth House, Widney Manor Road  Letter, Form and Plan

93:   Land between 2048 & 2078 Warwick Road  Letter, Form and Plan

103: J4, M42 - Box Trees Farm  Letter and Plan

127: Woodford, Grange Road  Form; Plan

148: 1806 Warwick Road  Form and Plan; Letter

150: Arden Triangle  Statement; Form and Plan

151: Lansdowne Farm Part A  Form and Plan

151: Lansdowne Farm Part B  Form and Plan

151: Lansdowne Farm Part C  Form and Plan

164: Box Trees Site 1  Form and Plan

167: The Memorial Clubhouse and Grounds  Form and Plan

181: Land at 20 Browns Lane  Form and Plan

182: Land at 18 Browns Lane  Form and Plan

210: Land between 39 - 79 Earlswood Road  Form; Plan

241: Arden Lodge Field  Form and Plan

244: Land at Tilehouse Green  Form; Letter; Plan

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