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Local Plan Review stage 1: Scope, Issues & Options

Stage 1

On 30 November 2015, Solihull Council (SMBC) published their ‘Local Plan Review Scope, Issues and Options’ document for consultation over the period 30/11/15 to 22/01/16 see

(paper copies at Council Offices and libraries). ​​


The document includes options for further new housing development, some of which would have significant impact on our Area. 

  • Option A: focuses development along high frequency public transport corridors and hubs – including Dorridge


  • Option F: limited expansion of rural villages and settlements –
    including Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath


  • Option G: New settlements, large scale urban extensions or significant expansion of rural villages and settlements.  Includes reference to a major extension of about 1000 dwellings to the north west of Bentley Heath as well as another 500 houses around Knowle and Dorridge.

SMBC is also asking anyone with potentially suitable new development sites to complete a site proposal form.

Solihull’s Local Plan was adopted in December 2013.  However, the Housing element was rejected following legal challenge.  SMBC are seeking to redress this deficiency through this Local Plan review.

Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP

Black Country Local Authorities

Strategic Housing Needs Study

Stage 3 Report

Peter Brett Associates

August 2015

Peter Brett Associates was commissioned to undertake an assessment of future new housing needs.  Their ‘Strategic Housing Needs Study’, published in August 2015, sets out requirements based on evidence – Read more here.

SMBC has identified that 13,500 new homes are required between 2011-2031.  The current Local Plan identifies sites for only 9,000 of these, leaving a shortfall of at least 4,500 (that’s twice the size of Dickens Heath).

Need to Know

At this stage, Solihull Council is seeking feedback to help:


  • define the scope of the local plan review;

  • determine the issues the review will need to address;

  • identify broad options for growth.

Responses to this first stage consultation will inform the next stage - development of a Preferred Options document, to be consulted on in autumn 2016.


We are gearing up to respond quickly to make sure that our voice is heard right from the outset - BUT your input is vital.

The reports are long.  We have created a short summary Here


Forum representatives will be attending SMBC’s briefing session before Christmas to listen, raise questions and make initial representations.  The Housing Group is leading analysis of what the various proposed options could mean for our Area, working closely with the other Focus Groups.   


We will be dedicating our Forum meeting on 13/01/2015 to Housing.  

We will carry out additional publicity for this event so that as many people as possible are aware and have the opportunity to contribute their views.


At this session, we will give you the information you need to understand what’s happening and what it could mean, and seek your views on the proposals.


Your feedback will then inform a formal response from the Forum on behalf of its Members.

NF Response

If nothing else, please:


1.  Read the summary we have provided – the full reports are provided via the links above,                should you wish.


2.  Come to next Forum meeting on 13 January at Arden school to listen to, and participate      in, the debate about future housing developments in our Area.


3.  Please help us to spread the word as widely as possible through your friends and neighbours -          we don’t want anyone to miss out.


 4.  If you feel so inclined, you can submit an individual response to the consultation via SMBC’s                   website Here


The Housing Group focuses on housing development in our communities. Our role is to identify where and how we can most effectively influence future local developments, working within national planning requirements and the strategic goals set out in Solihull’s Local Plan.                   Read more

Your Action
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