KDBH Interactive Map

Welcome to the newest area of our website! A place to showcase what makes our Neighbourhood Area so special in terms of heritage and environment.   

Who knew there's such a wealth of information already created by those who know so much about our Area?  Our aim is, by signposting residents to this information and making it more accessible, to help bring it alive and encourage us all to learn more about the place we proudly call home.  To start with, we've focused on four aspects, all of which we will continue to develop, including:

KDBH HE Listed Buildings

See details of all the buildings in KDBH listed by Historic England (HE).  Learn more about listed buildings at: Historic England 

KDBH Heritage Assets

Heritage Assets are of local historic or architectural interest.  More information at SMBC: Local List of Heritage Assets

Local Green Spaces

Displays the highly valued and protected Green Spaces in KDBH, which have increased through the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Walks in and Around Our Area

Two walks are included as examples of what will develop over time. We will be adding: a printable copy of the walks; more links to other sites with walks.

 Using the Map - Help and Guidance

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 11.52.43.png

This is a photograph of the screen you will see after clicking on the Map Button

Clicking on 'Take Me to the Map' button opens a screen which looks like the image shown.

Click on the             symbol and

1. a pop-up window appears on the map - close this by clicking on the X, and

2. a Panel on the right opens displaying the groups of items that appear on the map.

Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 15.03.50.png
Arrow Symbol for Group in MapHub.png

Clicking on the small Arrow beside the title Opens/Closes the group.

Eye Symbol for Group in MapHub.png

Clicking on the Eye symbol toggles between the group contents being Visible/Hidden on the map.

<>  Symbol for Group in MapHub.png

The < and > symbols Opens/Closes the Panel.

Zoom to Fit  Symbol for Group in MapHub.

In the top right is a small button which Zooms In/Out so that all Visible items fit on the map.

Plus:Minus  Symbol for Group in MapHub.p

Zoom in or out using your mouse or the + and - symbols.  

MapHub Pointer HE.png

As you zoom in the Dots will become Pointers. HE sites have their logo and 'HE' on the Pointer. 

Filter Box Symbol for Group in MapHub.pn

Example of a filter: To see only Listed Buildings on Kenilworth Road type Kenilworth into the box.  Delete Kenilworth to display all Listed Buildings again.

Clicking the Map Guide button takes you back to this Page

Clicking the Home button returns you to the KDBH Forum website Home page

Clicking the Map Index button provides an alternative way to view the Listed Buildings. This displays all the listed buildings with a photograph and brief description (example below).

Clicking on More takes you to additional information and, where available, links to other sources.

Golden End from Map Index.png

The KDBH Neighbourhood Forum Interactive Map has been developed to highlight interesting things within and around the Forum Area New items will be added over time.  We are very grateful to the following for their help and support:

Historic England Logo.png

Historic England for supporting us and allowing use of their List.

Learn more about their work which covers more than just listed buildings at https://historicengland.org.uk

Knowle Soc Logo.png

Knowle Society for allowing us to include material from their Local History Archive maintained in Knowle Library.   More about the Society here http://www.knowlesociety.org.uk/local-history-archive/

3-216-1 Knowle Church & Guild House Vign

Knowle Local History Society for allowing us to include material from their records. More about the Society here http://www.knowlehistory.org.uk