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Motorway services area - m42 junction 4

Update March 2021

News on the long running saga of proposals to build a MSA somewhere between Junctions 4 and 6 of the M42.  For some time now, the Council has been assessing two competing proposals, both of which in Green Belt.  In particular, you may recall Applegreen’s proposal for Junction 4 (Dorridge). 

In February, the Council Planning team concluded its deliberations on the two options and produced a report for consideration by the Planning Committee on 24 February 2020.  This recommended:


  • Refusal of the proposed scheme at Junction 4, Dorridge on the basis that:  


“the very special circumstances necessary to justify the proposed development have not been demonstrated and the proposal does not accord with the Development Plan in respect of Policy P17 Solihull Local Plan and Policy VC1 of The Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan and policy in the National Planning Policy Framework. There are no other material circumstances to be taken into account…and the planning application should therefore be refused.”  

Read the full report on Applegreen's Junction 4 proposal Here


  • That ‘the Council are minded to approve the planning application’ between Junctions 5 and 6 near Hampton in Arden / the ‘Catherine de Barnes site’.


We were, of course, both very pleased and relieved to see that, by referencing policies in our KDBH Neighbourhood Plan, the Council’s own Plan and National Planning legislation, development at Junction 4 had been ruled out altogether. In the event, the Planning Committee was unanimous in refusing planning permission at both locations as neither justified loss of so much Green Belt.  


So good news for now - although not the end of the story.  We note on 16 March Applegreen’s ‘Notification of Intention to Submit an Appeal’ against the Council.  Watch this space ….

Update October 2020

Applegreen has submitted a further, updated planning application to develop a Motorway Service Station at Junction 4 of the M42 motorway (off Gate Lane, Dorridge).

The Forum's original response to the original planning application on 22/11/2016 is Here

Full details on this latest application can be read Here

The Forum has sent a response to the Council which can be read Here

M42 Junction 4 Motorway Service Area

Planning Application

Applegreen have put in their Planning Application for a Motorway Service Area on a site adjacent to Junction 4.

A non-technical summary of the proposal

A more detailed plan of the site

An index of the full application (125 documents)


Feedback must be submitted to SMBC by 25 November 2016

Join our Forum Meeting on 16 November to make your views known

M42 Junction 6 Improvement

As mentioned at the 11 January Forum meeting there is currently a Public Consultation underway on major changes and possible new junctions.  The consultation closes on 27 January 2017.  You can view the Highways England brochure and then leave your comments in an online survey at

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