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In this newsletter you'll find useful updates and information on:

  • The Local Plan

  • Neighbourhood Plan update

  • Community actions

  • Planning applications

  • NCIL Community Projects Funding

  • An invitation to join the Forum

  • We need you! Do you have the skills the Forum are looking for?


In this newsletter you'll find useful updates and information on:

  • Public Open Forum (postponed)

  • National Planning Policy Framework and Local Plan Review

  • Local Plan Review and major planning applications for housing

  • Knowle Shopping Precinct

  • Neighbourhood Plan Update 


In this newsletter you'll find important updates and information on:

  • Knowle Shopping Precinct;

  • Neighbourhood Plan update;

  • KDBH planning responses to Solihull Council;

  • Local Plan Review;

  • Local accessibility improvements and

  • Our next Public Open Forum Meeting.

Many thanks to all who took part in our recent consultation on the Government’s proposed changes to National Planning Policy and how it may directly affect the KDBH Area, particularly in regard to green belt policy and other important matters such as housing density and local infrastructure. 


With close to 200 completed questionnaires received, including detailed comments from 70% of contributors we were extremely pleased with the level of engagement. 


We recognise the Government's delay in confirming changes to the National Planning Policy may have unfortunate consequences as the submission of planning applications, detailed in our recent newsletter to Forum members may overtake matters.  Nevertheless, the responses are a significant help to us in highlighting local views which will inform both our discussions on the planning applications and also our response to the Inspectors when the Local Plan process finally resumes  


Our latest Newsletter provides an overview of the outcome. 

We are pleased to make available all the comments received which you can read via the button below. A number of comments received were very supportive of the Forum’s contribution in representing the wishes of the community to Solihull Council, Inspectors and site promoters for which we are most appreciative.


Copy of Plan Update A1 Modified 050623.jpg

Residents Consultation Results coming soon.

4 May 2023

2023 Coronation Celebrations 

Knowle Big Help Out Volunteering Event


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our stall for a chat.  It was really great to meet so many of you. If you would like to join the Forum, you will be very welcome. There's no cost and you'll be the first to receive our regular newsletters, invites to public events and also have the chance to contribute your views on important local community matters via our surveys and polls.

Here is the link to our Membership Form or if you picked up one of our cards, you can just scan the QR code on the back.

The picture shows a visit by our MP, Saqib Bhatti MBE, newly elected Knowle Ward Councillor and Forum Team Member, Edward Fitter and Jeanine Plain-Jones, DDRA Chair, along with Ian, Tony, Gary and Roger from the Forum.

Younger visitors enjoyed face painting. Congratulations to Georgia who won the 'Guess the number of sweets' competition. There were 156 sweets in the jar. Many thanks to all those who had a guess.

KSBH at Coronation Volunteering Event.jpg

4 May 2023

2023 Coronation Celebrations


We are very much looking forward to meeting lots of you at the event. Your Forum urgently needs your support on a part time basis. We are looking for people with Comms, Marketing, Web and Social Media as well as IT support Skills to join our dedicated Team.


Interested, then come and have a chat on Monday at the Knowle Coronation Event or if you can't make it just email us at

Knowle Coronation Celebrations.png

20 April 2023

2023 NCIL Bidding Round - Final Results


At the Council Decision Board Meeting on 27th March 2023 we are delighted to confirm the following KDBH NCIL project bids were approved:


  • Dorridge Cricket Club: Development of second pitch at the main ground and accompanying new pavilion with changing facilities (£48,000)

  • Dorridge Scout Hut: Roof modification and replacement (£20,000)

  • Knowle & Dorridge Cricket Club: Clubhouse redevelopment project (£15,000)

  • KDBH Neighbourhood Forum: Community Engagement & Social Infrastructure Building (£10,000)

  • Northern Gateway to Knowle: landscape & public realm improvements (£9,960)


Congratulations to all successful bidders and in particular Dorridge Cricket Club Project Bid which scored a maximum of 42 points. 


23 March 2023

Catch up on all the news in our latest Forum newsletter that went out to Members yesterday, including:   

Hot off the Press: NCIL Community Projects Update


A huge thank you to everyone who voted for, and commented on, this year’s potential KDBH community projects.  From our Residents’ Survey, we have created two documents showing the results by project ranking as well as comments posted by residents.  These are now available to read on our NCIL webpage.

Stripes Hill Integrated Retirement Community

We have now submitted our  Response to the Council.

Funding For New KDBH Community Projects - Your Vote


24 February 2023

One of our favourite times of year is here once again, when we as a community have a fantastic opportunity to decide on proposals to improve community facilities in our Area.  


Read details on all the proposals and how to register your vote on our new 2022/23 Community Projects webpage.


Results of the Knowle Parking Survey 2022


As a result of making the Knowle Parking Survey Results available to the Council further meetings will now take place with the Highways Officer to review and consider parking facilities for the village. 

This will be considered as a completely separate matter to the Planning Application for the St, Johns Way Shopping Precinct, Knowle (Ref. No: PL/2022/00064/PPFL) which was approved at Planning Committee on 2nd November 2022. 

Although approved on a unanimous basis it was confirmed that the proposed development may not proceed until a number of conditions have been met, including the applicant having complete ownership of the entire site which is not currently the case. 

It is noted that as part of the application a sum of £25,000 will be made available by the applicant to provide an additional ten parking spaces

Notification of AGM

31 October 2022, 6:30pm, Arden Academy, Knowle

A quick reminder of our upcoming AGM, as notified in September's Public Open Forum meeting and our 4 October Newsletter. Given September's full update on activities, the Agenda focuses on our year end report and accounts + formal confirmation of changes to Forum officers.


Above all, this is a great opportunity to ask the Trustees questions regarding operation of the Charity - especially since this is the first time since becoming a Charity that Covid finally allows a face to face AGM. As always, we're keen and open to hear your feedback and to listen to any ideas and suggestions you may have on activities and priorities. Discussions will provide an important feed into Trustees' thinking and decision making as they shape plans for the coming year. 

We very much look forward to welcoming as many registered Forum Members as possible. If you're new to the Forum, it's quick and easy to register via our On-line Membership Form.

Inspectors' Letter Brings Shock News for KDBH

Don't Miss Our Forum Meeting on Monday

12 September 2022

Public Open Forum Meeting - 7:30pm, Arden Academy

What next for Arden Triangle (KN2)?

St Johns Way shopping precinct

Future of your Neighbourhood Forum

Latest Updates: Council Local Plan

19 July 2022

We had a fantastic level of community involvement from our June Newsletter about the Solihull Local Plan and really appreciate your responses that resulted in what one councillor called a 'tsunami' of emails. Here's the latest update on developments: 

27 July 2022

What with proposals to redevelop Knowle Precinct, introduce 20mph limits, close Gate Lane and allocate two sites around Knowle for around 800 houses, questions around parking, public transport, cycling and walking around the KDBH Area, and Knowle centre in particular, are high on the local agenda.

With this in mind the Forum is posting four documents which you may find of interest:

  • The Knowle Transport Study - published by Solihull Council as part of its Local Plan ‘evidence base’ in support of the proposed housing site allocations at Hampton Road and the ‘Arden Triangle’. In addition to looking at the transport and traffic impacts of the additional housing, it also briefly considers options for a one-way system. 

  • Solihull Parking Study - covering Balsall Common, Dickens Heath and Knowle. Another Local Plan evidence base document.  We have created this extract focusing on Knowle.

The Forum is urging the Council to involve local businesses and residents’ groups in devising a comprehensive Knowle ‘Masterplan’ approach to local parking, public transport, cycling and traffic management issues around the centre, rather than a series of apparently piecemeal measures. 

If you have any comments, or have a particular expertise in these matters, please do get in touch with us initially via our email address and we will get back to you. We would love to hear from you.


community Alert: Council Local Plan.
More housing, community facilities at risk

1 July 2022

Our latest newsletter, just released, highlights concerns that:

  • The Council has apparently accepted the developers’ case that more houses can be built on the two large new development sites proposed in Knowle and ignored residents’ objections about density and local character; and 

  • the promoters of the Arden Triangle site have confirmed they have no intention of making land available for a relocated secondary school; and stated that financial contributions towards improvements to the existing academy and a new primary school have yet to be justified. They propose housing numbers significantly in excess even of the revised Council increased housing number

Read the Newsletter for full details, to learn what your Forum is doing and what action you can take - before a key hearing date on 8 July - if you share these concerns.

December 2021 - March 2022

7 April 2022

Winter 21/22 has been extraordinarily busy for your Forum team. The demand on some of our key resources - particularly IT and planning related - has been especially challenging.  March has therefore seen us in 'catch-up' mode to bring everything fully up-to-date, including all website changes.

Throughout this period, however, our 1,000+ registered Forum members have been kept fully informed via our electronic newsletters, which is the best way to ensure that you receive all the latest updates.  It's very quick and easy to register Here.

Learn more about the whole range of activities we've been involved in by reading our December, February and March newsletters clicking on the images below.  


December 2021


February 2022

Final Report Cover Page Wix Image LR.jpg

March 2022

Newsletter October 2021:
Community projects - your vote

19 October 2021

Hot off the press, our latest electronic newsletter has just gone out to all those registered with the Forum.  As ever, there's been lots happening over the past couple of months, with the key topics covered in our newsletter including:

  • Solihull Local Plan: Examination by Independent Inspectors, how are things going at the Hearing sessions?  We provide links for you to get a flavour of how the Hearings are conducted and a sense of what's been happening.  Find out why Thursday 18 November is an important date for your diaries.....


Other news articles include proposals to redevelop Knowle Precinct (see our Facebook post; and an update on Forum operations as we reach the milestone of our first year end as a Charity.  


To receive our newsletter as soon as it is available, it's quick and easy to Register Here.

calling all KDBH community groups

New features to help promote wider awareness of, and support for, our local clubs are now live!    

Your Neighbourhood Forum has developed a KDBH Community Groups Listing and an Events Calendar to help clubs recover and thrive post Covid. 


Our first group of 17 ‘pilot’ clubs are now up and running and over the coming few weeks we’re looking forward to working with many other groups to add more details in advance of a publicity drive after the school holidays.


Lots more info, and how you can get involved, Here.   

KVCC Example.png
Social media


13 July 2021


Many of you may be aware of social media postings over the last week regarding the Skogen development and the role of the Forum.  

To counter misinformation and ensure residents have all the facts - with supporting evidence - we have prepared a short presentation which you can read  by clicking the button.

May 2021 Newsletter:
council plan on the move again

Click the button to catch up on what's been happening.

May 2021 Newsletter:
council plan on the move again

Catch up on what's been happening over the past couple of months by clicking on the button below to read about:

Huge thanks to each and every one who, in response to our last newsletter, has donated to help fund the continued charitable operation of your KDBH Neighbourhood Forum  Thus far we've received £320 - enough to cover our most urgent cost, company insurance, due in May and one of our major expenditures.   We still have much to do to increase awareness of our donations appeal and what the funding is for: 


Read More Here

Donations can be made by debit/credit card and by PayPal using the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website that has a page dedicated to the Forum.  Clicking on the 'Donate' button will take you there.  Thank you so much.

We've a Bumper crop of news for you in our
March Newsletter


28 March 2021

Winter 2020/21 has been really tough - but the good news in that your Forum's spent lockdown forging ahead in both its core and new areas of activity.  Find out what we've been up to in our latest newsletter, with topics covering:

We've also launched an appeal asking for your support through a £10 subscription to help meet the direct costs (all volunteers' time is free) of our activities involving everyone in our large neighbourhood community.  


Read more Here

Donations can be made by debit/credit card and by PayPal using the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website that has a page dedicated to the Forum.  Clicking on the 'Donate' button will take you there.  Thank you so much.

26 March 2021

updates on the council's Draft Local Plan 

We've updated our Local Plan Representations webpage to include:  

1)  Residents' comments from our November 2020 survey on what the Council's Local Plan proposals for KDBH;

2)  Links published by the Council on 19 March 2021 to documents summarising all representations received from their last Local Plan consultation in Nov/Dec 2020. 

4 March 2021

response to council consultation on 'backland development'

Important because this type of development has been a notable feature in KDBH over recent years, in some cases giving rise to neighbour objections and adversely affecting local character.   What is it and why does it matter?

notice of winding up


5 February 2021

In September 2015, the Forum directors created a limited company - the KDBH NP Ltd - as the Neighbourhood Forum's legal entity.


In April 2019, the KDBH Neighbourhood Plan was successfully adopted by Solihull Council.  With the Plan completed, the Steering Committee reviewed the future role of the Forum and discussed this with members in our public open meetings.  Accordingly, in October 2019, members approved a special resolution at the AGM "that, if the directors of the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan Ltd consider appropriate, the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan Ltd should be wound up..." - the intent being to register with the Charities Commission and create a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). 


We are very pleased to say that what has proved to be a long and arduous process is now complete. As the final step, we are required in law to formally advise the winding up of the Limited Company. Clicking on the buttons below will take you to full details in our newsletter and a copy of the directors' formal DS01 notification to Companies House.

17 January 2021

Arden Triangle and Hampton Road landscape reports

The Forum's specially commissioned landscape reports, now finalised and formally released, are available in our documents library.

19 December 2020

planning application response:
65 knowle wood road

Outline application for access and layout for the demolition of existing dwelling, and the erection of 3 x 5 bedroom houses.

WE're back in action!
and A very happy New Year to all


18 January 2021

Your Forum Team is up and running again, duly refreshed after much needed time out following the huge effort involved in the Council's Local Plan consultation over the last quarter of 2020.  


First thing on the 'to do' list is the plan of action for 2021 - which this year, for the first time, offers potentially new opportunities to consider whether and how we should or could use our newly-acquired charitable status to benefit our community.  Do please drop us any thoughts you may have, all welcome, to

Watch this space.....  and we will, of course, be in touch via our Newsletter, which you can quickly and easily register to receive Here.

Council draft local plan CONSULTATION
Forum representations now finalised


10 December 2020

Today we're really pleased to announce that we have formally issued our representations on the Draft Local Plan to the Council.  This marks the culmination of a massive, concerted effort by your Forum team to create high quality representations that are robustly founded on evidence and set out clearly and precisely what modifications we believe are necessary to the Local Plan, and why.


Full details on our new webpage Here. This includes a summary on the outcome of the Residents' Survey, linking feedback received to 12  detailed representations.  In framing the representations (which must take account of National planning policy), our a focus has been on:  


a) how they link to the KDBH Neighbourhood Plan objectives and policies, voted on by residents in March 2019;  


b) feedback obtained through the Residents' Survey that ran from 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2020 - as well as the previous Local Plan consultations/Residents' Survey.


Although the Forum is a body representing the community, our representations will count as only one 'view'.   By making our representations publicly available as soon as possible our hope is that this will help anyone wanting to use them, in part or in whole, as input to a representation they too may wish to make. 


We very much encourage as many residents as possible to make their view heard - which you can do via the Council's website Here - by the closing date 14 December 2020.

6 December 2020

We have uploaded 12 detailed representations on the Council's Draft Local Plan, all of which are now at 'Final Draft' stage. The team is undertaking one final review, with only minor amendments expected.  We aim to submit the representations formally to the Council by 10 December.  

Residents' Survey
on Council Development Proposals 
'Show You Care, Please Share' Campaign


25 November 2020

Building on the videos* we released last week, we have created a short Residents' Survey to collect community views on a few particular aspects where feedback is most relevant in shaping representations to the Council.  

The Residents' Survey has now closed - thank you for all your input


Due to the Council's short consultation period, we unfortunately have very limited time to collect responses.  We will need to close the Residents' Survey at 5pm next Tuesday 1 December. This is so that we can then finalise our draft representations to the Council and aim to make these available to view on our website a few days later.

The last time we undertook a Residents' Survey (in 2016, as part of developing your KDBH Neighbourhood Plan) we were amazed and very pleased to receive nearly 3,000 responses!   Things are, of course, very different and much more challenging this time, but let's give it a go anyway...

Videos Now Available In Paper Form


If you would prefer to see the videos in paper form, or know of anyone not able to access the videos on computer, we have now created documents containing the video screenshots for print out on our web page Here


*The videos, and supporting information, can be viewed on our webpage Here.   

Solihull Council Draft Local PlaN


18 November 2020

We're very aware that navigating though, reading and assessing the huge amount of documentation released by the Council on 30 October is a daunting task - even if only the extracts of information most relevant to KDBH provided Here

So today we're really pleased to be releasing some short videos, a more 'easy to digest' way to understand what Council proposals mean for KDBH and also to let you know your Forum Team's emerging (but still ongoing) analysis. It's been challenging.  But our aim and hope is that the video format will enable and stimulate questions and feedback from across our community.  The videos, and supporting information, can be viewed on our new webpage Here


Solihull Council Draft Local Plan;
community projects results

28 October 2020

News today is that the Council will officially be starting the final 6 week public consultation on their 'Local Plan' on 30 October.  This Plan sets out the Council's planning policies and sites allocated for new development across the Borough through to 2036.  It includes two sites in Knowle for c. 800 new homes, a new primary and replacement secondary school building.  

4 November 2020

Lots more information on our new Final Consultation Page which you can find under the SMBC Local Plan tab on the menu or just click Here 

29 October 2020

The Forum is aware of recent posts on the Skogen website.  Read more Here


23 October 2020

Stop press:  The results of your votes on new community projects are in!  Read all about it in our response to the Council Here  You can read the bids Here

vote for community projects;
Motorway Service StatioN;
Solihull Council Draft Local Plan

15 October 2020

The Council has just released details of the bids received for this year's tranche of funding for new community projects, including six in KDBH.  We're very keen to receive resident feedback on the bids which, to meet Council deadlines, needs to be with us by 17.00 on 21 October.  Find out more, and how to vote Here

9 October 2020

Our latest Newsletter alerts residents to two areas for urgent attention:

  1. Applegreen has submitted an updated application to build a Motorway Service Area (MSA) at M42 Junction 4 off Gate Lane, Dorridge. Read the Forum's response and how you can make your views known directly to the Council -  deadline date 15 October 2020 - Here

  2. The other major news is that, on Tuesday this week, the Council approved the final version of its 'Local Plan' for consultation.  This Plan sets out the Council's planning policies and sites allocated for new development across the Borough through to 2036.  It includes two sites in Knowle for c. 800 new homes, a new primary and replacement secondary school building.   Read more, including information in our eBook with extracts most relevant to KDBH, Here


17 August 2020

Your Forum is Changing To Serve the KDBH Community Even Better!

We're Now a Registered Charity!

After nearly a year's preparation, we are hugely proud and pleased to announce that your Forum has successfully completed the rigorous process of registering with the Charities Commission.  As of 22 July 2020, we are officially a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), operating as the:

 ‘Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum CIO’, Registered Charity No 1190521 


Read our registration documents, and what benefits this brings Here

Let the Council Know You Want Your Forum to Continue

Because, You May Be Surprised to Know, It's Not a Given 


Legislation prescribes that we must re-apply to the Council to maintain our Forum designation and continue our work on behalf of the KDBH community after 30 September 2020.  


Find out how it takes just a short email to the Council to show your support Here


24 July 2020
Member Alert-New Planning Application
Proposal for New Vodafone Mast
on Local Green Space off Conker Lane, Dorridge

Today we sent out an extra-ordinary email because we believe it is important to alert members/residents specifically to this planning proposal and the Forum's response to it.   

Assessing this application has been particularly challenging in that it raises competing Neighbourhood Plan perspectives relating to Local Green Space v. Communications Infrastructure. It has  been subject to much Steering Committee debate given the nature of both the benefits and issues raised.

As for all new planning applications, we are required to respond within 3 weeks (frustratingly insufficient time to seek resident views), and the deadline for this one is 3 August 2020.  We have therefore done all we can to speed our work on the response so as to make it available in good time to allow residents, should they wish, to also make their views known directly to the Council. 

Should you wish to send your own comments to the Council, please email for the attention of Benn Watkinson, Case Officer.


2 June 2020

Supplementary Response to VF13274 Vodafone Installation of 5G base station

Location: Land off Conker Lane, off Manor Road, Dorridge, B93 8SN.

10 June 2020

We're missing you! 

It's been a strange and eerie couple of months for your Forum Team, devoid of all-important face to face interaction in the community and via Forum meetings.  We are making progress in adapting to a 'new norm' and ways of working, albeit still something of a work in progress! 

Despite 'lockdown', the last couple of months have been surprisingly busy for us in progressing activities relating to: new community funding; planning application responses; Solihull Council's Local Plan; and supporting local Covid-19 initiatives.  So lots to update you on in our extended June Newsletter available by clicking on the "Hello" image.


28 May 2020

Supplementary Response to Planning Application PL/2020/00411/PPFL

Demolition of the existing car sales showroom and associated buildings and the erection of nine terraced residential dwellings with associated parking and landscaping.  

Location:  25 Station Road, Knowle, Solihull B93 0HL


28 April 2020

VF13274 Vodafone Installation of 5G base station, Pre-Application Consultation Response

Location: Land off Conker Lane, off Manor Road, Dorridge, B93 8SN.

23 March 2020 
New coronavirus Community HUB GOES LIVE!

Our 19 March Newsletter talked about putting in place a communications and support infrastructure to draw together coronavirus related resources and activities across our Area.


Well, things move fast these days and the service is now up and running!  The IT whizzes at Arden Academy have set up a website, along with email, Facebook and Twitter accounts, that together provide a window on what's happening locally and link the various activities underway.  


The website is a "go to" place for local information and advice.  With involvement from local people, businesses and community groups, it provides a central hub to keep up to date on the latest news.  People can also register to volunteer and be matched with those in need.


This is where you can help - whether as an individual, business or community group.  Firstly, please spread the word so that as many people as possible are aware of the new service.  Also, equally importantly, please get in touch via any of the links below if there's anything you think would be beneficial to share across the community:


This is a time for our special community to come together - please get involved.


18 March 2020

Response to Planning Application PL/2020/00411/PPFL

Demolition of the existing car sales showroom and associated buildings and the erection of nine terraced residential dwellings with associated parking and landscaping.  

Location:  25 Station Road, Knowle, Solihull B93 0HL

15 March 2020
Kick Covid - Resources to help keep us sane

We've created a new Community page and are in the process of populating it with some resources available online that may help keep us all sane over the coming weeks and months.  See where we have got to Here  it's a work in progress!

3 May 2020 Three more added for you to enjoy!


13 March 2020

Postponed Open Meeting

Guest Speaker Stuart Baxter, Solihull East Locality Plan

Come and hear about: More than £150,000 for community projects in our Area in 2020/21!  -
Could your community group benefit?

The Council's East Locality Plan echos important needs and priorities raised by the KDBH community - can we join together for enhanced community benefit?

What's the latest on Council plans to build 1,000+ new houses in KDBH?

Progress on the Forum gaining charitable status

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 16.13.16.png

27 February 2020


Today we've published our newsletter with updates on all the latest developments - including an expected fund of >£150,000 for community projects in our Area in 2020/21!   Loads happening - come and hear more at our Forum meeting on 16 March.

We send the newsletter electronically to all registered members.  If you would like to receive the newsletter, but are not yet registered, it's quick and easy to do via our membership page Here

A number of emails are 'bouncing back'.  Please let us know if your email changes to ensure that you continue to receive the newletter.   Thank you.

17 February 2020

updates to Planning Pages

New page Current Planning Applications added, including a link to a report giving details of all current planning applications (as at a given date) for our KDBH Neighbourhood Area.  


Update to Forum Responses to Planning Applications page

12 January 2020

Forum Responses to Planning Applications and Appeals
In the last three weeks before Christmas a number of responses have been submitted to Solihull Council relating to planning applications and appeals. These are available on the Forum Responses page

14 October 2019

Solihull Civic Honours Award for KDBH Neighbourhood Forum

26 September 2019

Forum Responds to SMBC Consultations


1. Draft Local Validation Criteria - Consultation Document July 2019

Our response reflects the Forum’s experience in preparing the NP and specifically highlights relevant content of Policies included in the NP that now forms part of the statutory Development Plan for the Borough.


2. Reviewing the Plan for Solihull’s Future, Solihull Local Plan Review.

Statement of Community Involvement - Draft July 2019

Read the Consultation Responses


26 September 2019

Forum Responds to Planning Applications


Since official adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan on 11 April 2019, Solihull Council has been sending us a copy of all new Planning Applications relating to KDBH.  As discussed at the Forum meeting on 17 September, the Forum team works in close liaison with the Knowle Society and DDRA planning teams in reviewing these, with our focus being only on the more significant applications or those with wider policy implications.  Note that all planning teams are using the Neighbourhood Plan and its evidence base as the basis for responses. 


You can read the Forum's responses (3 so far) by clicking on the link below.   ​


Read the Responses (3 April to 19 April)


4 September 2019

Forum Meeting on 17 September at Arden Academy.

As the new school year starts, we wish all those heading back to school this week  ‘Good luck and all the best for the year ahead’ - especially those starting a new school. 


After the long summer break, September always feels like time for a fresh start, full of new hopes and plans for what we’d like to achieve in the year ahead.  


This is certainly the case for the Neighbourhood Forum.   Yes, we are still here!  🙂 although things have certainly gone a bit quiet since the Referendum, so some of you may have been wondering if the Forum still exists!


The sheer intensity of activities leading up to the Referendum left the team leading the work feeling pretty exhausted and in need of a good break.   Also, with the Neighbourhood Plan completed and now adopted by the Council, we needed to give some careful thought to the role of the Forum going forward and how this sits alongside the work of our two Resident Associations.


So there’s actually been lots going on in background over the last few months and we have some important developments to update you on at our September meeting.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about:


  • Funding now available - and increased because we now have a Neighbourhood Plan - that we as a community get to choose how to spend and that local groups in KDBH can bid for;


  • The latest on Council proposals to develop 950+ houses in our Area.  We will brief you on the relevant KDBH sections of the Council's 'Summary of Representations' report  following their Local Plan consultation earlier this year; as well as findings from an initial landscape assessment, commissioned independently by the Forum, on the two new potential (‘Amber’) sites at Golden End and Blue Lake Road;


  • How since the Referendum the Forum has been working with our Resident Associations to apply the Neighbourhood Plan in making representations on new Planning Applications submitted to the Council for our Area;


  • Our plans for Forum activities and priorities going forward.


A full agenda that will no doubt stimulate some interesting discussion!  We very much look forward to seeing many of you again at 7pm on 17 September in the Main Hall at Arden Academy.

20 July 2019

Summary of SMBC Local Plan Consultation  Jan-Mar 2019

Solihull Council's report sets out a comprehensive summary of the representations received to the Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation carried out from 25th January 2019 to 15th March 2019. 


Section 3 includes some interesting summary tables / graphics.  See pages 77 - 90 for representations specifically relating to Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath.

Draft Local Plan Consultation

20 June 2019

Solihull East Locality Plan 2019 - 2022

In June 2019, members of the Forum team had a very useful meeting with Kath Hemmings from Solihull Council Neighbourhoods Team.  We were keen to explore potential areas of cross-over between the Council's 'East Locality' Neighbourhoods Plan (that includes Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath) and the Community Actions flagged up by residents and documented in Appendix 4 of the Neighbourhood Plan.

From a very positive meeting, a number of shared areas of interest / concern were indeed identified, which we will be following up on over the coming months.  Click on the links below to read both documents and see what you think! 

Read Solihull East Locality Plans  

Read the Community Actions

May 2019

just when you think it's ALL OVER....


After all the excitement of the Referendum, and the fantastic level of community support for the Neighbourhood Plan (NP), we are delighted to report that the NP has been formally ‘made’ (or adopted) by the Council. That means it is now part of the statutory ‘development plan’ for our Neighbourhood Area and the Council must take account of its policies when determining all applications for new development in KDBH. It doesn’t mean that all decisions will necessarily go the way we want, but our policies will give us a much stronger voice.

So, what happens now? Well, after taking a short breather, the Forum Steering Committee has been turning its thoughts to what we need to do next to follow up on the NP, and how best to operate given the changing focus and priorities going forward.  Considerations include:

  • Funding:  now we have an NP, we are no longer eligible for grant funding, so we need to look at other options just to cover basic running costs, eg. website, company insurance etc (all time is given free by volunteers) 

  • On-going monitoring of how NP policies are being applied and new planning applications:  we have a statutory duty to monitor the NP so as to test its effectiveness and understand what the polices mean in practice. This includes looking at applications for new development in our Area, which have already started to come through  

  • Community Actions:  liaison with community groups to identify ways of taking forward some of the issues raised during NP community consultation, but outside the remit of the NP (full list in Appendix 4 of the NP)

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL):  With the NP in place, as a community we now have the right to decide how 25% of CIL monies, levied by the Council on some new developments, should be used.  We need to tell the Council what our priorities are, and so need your help to identify suitable projects

  • Solihull Local Plan Review and crowdfunding appeal:  At our last Forum meeting, you asked us to look at raising funds from the community to commission further technical studies in readiness for the Council's next stage formal Local Plan consultation, including the two new 'Amber' sites identified as potential alternative or additional areas for new development.  This would build on our successful previous appeal to raise funds for the Hampton Road and Arden Triangle Landscape Assessments - see below.  

More details soon via our Newsletter (sent to all members).

We expect to hold our next Open Forum meeting in July and look forward to seeing you again then!

The Award was presented by the Mayor and our sponsor Spencer Parkes from Specsavers at the Civic Suite in the Council House, Solihull.


We are honoured and hugely proud to have been awarded a Group Community Involvement Award in the Solihull Civic Honours 2019.  

Yes, the Plan was a lot of hard work. More importantly, though, the award recognises that the Plan's success stems from the high level of involvement and active contribution made from individuals and groups across our whole community. We can always rely on KDBH-ians to be both forthcoming and forthright in expressing their views!  

So in fact we collected the award on behalf of our KDBH Neighbourhood and it's something we can all feel part of.  

A heartfelt 'thank you' and 'well done' to you all from the KDBH Forum team!

Civic Honours Award Doc.jpg

20 April 2019

Bungalow scheme in Solihull's Green Belt thrown out


Press Cutting:  Development approval was later quashed by the High Court, where a judge found that the council had failed to take into account harm to the Green Belt.

My Knowle & Dorridge, April/May 2019

Read Article​


11 April 2019

Our KDBH Neighbourhood Plan is adopted by SMBC!


Hurrah, final confirmation! 

The Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan now forms part of the statutory Development Plan for the Borough and will be used by the Local Planning Authority to help determine planning applications in the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Area. 

Read Final Decision Statement


5 February 2019

Garden grabbing development quashed by High Court

Press Cutting:  Campaigners go to High Court to challenge Solihull Council's decision to grant planning permission for development on Alderbrook Road that would see one dwelling demolished and five four-plus-bedroom houses built onto the back garden.

A judicial review found that Policy P5 of the (Solihull's) Local Plan was incorrectly interpreted.  

Policy P5 looks at protecting and enhancing the character and distinctiveness of different areas, and protecting the environmental quality and attractiveness of the mature suburbs – established housing areas in the Borough.

Solihull Observer, 5th February 2019

Read Article

28 January 2019

Landscape Assessment Studies

You may recall back in 2017 Forum Members asked us to run a crowdfunding campaign to see if local people would be willing to contribute the monies necessary to commission an independent Landscape Study of the sites SMBC arroposing for new housing development in KDBH.  


Well, our community rose to the challenge (no surprise there!). Sufficient funds were generated for the Forum to commission a study for both sites, with the aim of providing an independent (not Council led) view on development of these two large Green Belt spaces.  The reports will be an important element of our 'Evidence Base' in responding to SMBC's on-going consultations; and also in liaising with the Council / Developers (on a without prejudice basis) regarding development of site Masterplans.  


Both reports are now in final draft and can be read by clicking below.  THANK YOU to all those involved in enabling and supporting this important work.

Read Hampton Road Landscape Report

Read Arden Triangle Landscape Report


28 January 2019

Solihull Council Draft Local Plan Consultation: More Development in KDBH?

Solihull Council has just started a supplementary consultation on their Draft Local Plan (DLP) which will run until Friday 15 March, 2019.  This covers the whole of the Borough, and full details can be found on Solihull Council's website at 


The Local Plan (created by Solihull Council) is completely separate to the Neighbourhood Plan (created by residents and business in KDBH specifically relating to future development in our three villages).


However, KDBH will be affected significantly by the DLP proposals.  So, to make things easier, the Forum Team has extracted and summarised information relating to KDBH.  This was discussed at January's Forum Meeting and our presentation can be read below.

What Solihull's Plan means for KDBH


10 October, 2018

October Forum Newsletter


Next Forum meeting and the latest on Plan development.


Read October's Newsletter

21 September, 2018

Independent Examiner's (IE's) Report



The IE's Report has now been concluded.  We are pleased to say that it recommends that our Neighbourhood Plan should, subject to recommended modifications, proceed to a Referendum of all residents in the KDBH Neighbourhood Area.  

The Forum team has discussed the report with SMBC.  Also, at our last Open Forum meeting on 19 Sept, we stepped through the recommended changes in detail and explained what they would mean for our Neighbourhood Plan.


SMBC must now consider what actions to take in response to the recommended modifications and expects to publish its response shortly.  Once this key stage is completed and confirmed, we will update the KDBH website with more details.

Click on the link below to read the report.

Read IE's Report

15 July, 2018

Village Centre Retail Maps

The Independent Examiner has requested village centre retail maps for Dorridge and Bentley Heath in relation to our Draft Plan Policy E1 Retention of Shops and Services.  Thanks to SMBC for their help in creating these.  They were sent to the Examiner on 15 August 2018 and can be seen by clicking below.

Village Centre Maps

16 July, 2018

KDBH Forum Note to Independent Examiner


Following up on our 12 July note below, click on the button to see the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum's response to the Independent Examiner.

Letter to Independent Examiner

July 2018

Independent Examination of our Neighbourhood Plan has started!

Today we received formal confirmation that the Independent Examination is underway.  SMBC has forwarded an email from the Examiner with the attached note in which he outlines some initial questions for the Council.  Since the Examiner's role is to consider independently both the Council's and the Forum's perspectives (in the context of planning law), we will also be responding to the questions where appropriate and will add this to the website shortly.


The Examiner's initial (without prejudice) view is that it seems unlikely that a public hearing will be necessary, with an indicative timeline to complete the examination of around the second week in August.

Watch this space!

See Examiner's Questions to SMBC

September 2018

Our Next Forum Meeting Is 

7pm, 19 SEPT 2018, Arden Academy


We hope to be able to update you on the Independent Examiner's report -

and what this means for our Draft Neighbourhood Plan


Set out the timescale and campaign leading up to Plan Referendum

July 2018

Our Next Forum Meeting

7pm, 18 July 2018 Arden Academy

A opportunity for us to update you on the latest SMBC consultation and status on Independent Examination of our Neighbourhood Plan.​

We will also be seeking your active input to plans we are already starting to shape:

1) To get the best possible result from the Referendum

2) Thinking about 'Life after Plan Development' : the role of, and priorities for, the Forum in ensuring effective implementation of our Neighbourhood Plan; and if/how we as a community take forward non-planning related Community Actions 

May 2018
Final stage consultation launched by SMBC
4 May 2018 - 15 Jun 2018

As advised in our May Newsletter to Members, we are pleased to confirm that SMBC has now launched their consultation on our updated Draft KDBH Neighbourhood Plan. This time around, it is the Council (not us) who is responsible for publicising the consultation and for managing feedback. They have provided the details below for anyone wishing to make further comments on the Draft Plan:

Consultation on the Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan for KDBH will run for a period of 6 weeks from Friday 4 May 2018 until Friday 15 June 2018 before progressing to independent Examination.

Representations on the KDBH Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan should be submitted to Solihull Council by email to Any representation may include a request to be notified of the local planning authority’s decision with regard to formally ‘making’ the plan.

For further information about the consultation and the full list of supporting documents please visit our Neighbourhood Planning page.


The Submission draft Neighbourhood Plan is accompanied by the following documents: Submission Documents

20 March 2018

Next Stage Consultation launch delayed


Two days after receiving the documentation we needed from Solihull Council (SMBC), we were ready by mid March to proceed to the next stage of consultation. The difference this time, though, is that this stage is run by SMBC.  Despite strong representations from the Forum, SMBC concluded that their current procedures, plus a period of 'purdah' when consultations stop in the run up to the local elections, means they need to push back the start until after 3 May.   SMBC do acknowledge the frustration and disappointment that this means for Forum members after everything done to drive the Plan forward as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, you can click on the links to access all the latest documentation,  including both the summary and detail feedback from the Nov 17 - Jan 18 consultation, as discussed at March's Forum meeting.  

27 February 2018

We're still here!

Over the last few weeks we've been battling the really nasty flu virus that's been doing the rounds in our community.  This has affected, in particular, those in the team who lead our Member communications - so apologies for the apparent radio silence.  

Everyone is on the road to recovery, so we're picking up again now. Click below for the latest newsletter with a summary update on what's been happening....

Forum Newsletter February 2018


24 October 2017

Give your input to the Draft Policies

​As part of this consultation process, we’ve set 25 November as the date for our next major Open Event - a drop in Exhibition to showcase the policies and enable everyone to feedback their views prior to us formally submitting the Plan to SMBC in January 2018.

As always for these big events, we’re putting a huge amount of effort into publicity to make sure that as many people as possible know about it and don’t miss the opportunity to contribute at this key stage in Plan development.  Watch out for publicity in local publications and village centres. Also, keep an eye out for our leaflet, which will be distributed to every household in the Area either via the DDRA newsletter or the Look Local magazine. 

See Leaflet

24 October 2017

Thanks to Solihull Council Planning Team

Our thanks go to Solihull Council for having now provided us with all their feedback on the content of our draft Neighbourhood Plan ahead of time - enabling us to complete the document in readiness for us to kick of pre-submission consultation in early November (for six weeks).

24 October 2017

Engaging Our Local Councillors

Over the last 2-3 weeks, we’ve been busy briefing our local Councillors on key points emerging from the draft Neighbourhood Plan and what these mean for future development in the Area. So far we’ve met with Councillors Rebeiro, Mackiewicz, Courts and Meeson who have all been positive and supportive of the direction of the Neighbourhood Plan and what it is achieving - Cllr Rebeiro is including a piece on the Neighbourhood Plan in the Knowle Conservative newsletter that’s about to go out.


Unfortunately, we’ve not yet been able to fix a time with Councillors Holl Allen and Potts.


24 October 2017

Campaign Update

Remember our campaign to raise funds to undertake an independent assessment of the impact of 1050+ new houses in Knowle?  Well, I’m very happy to say that SMBC are persuaded of the need to undertake a transport impact assessment, including all the main road junctions we highlighted.  Even better, the work has started this week.  


That leaves us to focus cost and effort on aspects of car parking analysis - a somewhat trickier area, and one where we may need some volunteer help.  Once we've determined what we need to do on this, we can then identify the ‘art of the possible’ in terms of remaining funding for Landscape assessment.

24 October 2017

Master Concept Plans

I'm doubly happy to report the start of tri-partite meetings - between us, SMBC and promoters/developers - to evolve Master Concept Plans for the proposed site allocations in Knowle.

We've had a first full, frank and largely productive session for the Hampton Road site.

However, still no news at all on Arden Triangle. Given the size and complexity of this site, it seriously brings into question what, if anything, can be achieved in advance of SMBC submitting their Draft Local Plan for formal consultation in ‘winter 2017/18'.

29 September 2017

Draft Education and Community Facilities Policies

Following presentation and discussion at our Forum meeting on 25 Sept, these are now available for Members to view in our Members Area.  

19 September 2017

Members Only Area now Open!

Take a look at our new Members Only area on the website. 

Not able to make Forum meetings? No problem, we're in the process of putting all the draft policies into the Member Area - where in due course we will also be adding Member polls and voting.  


Any registered Forum Member can access the draft policies by:  clicking on the Login/Sign Up button at the top of the website home page; Select Sign Up, enter your email address, a Password and Click 'Go' to request access.  

We receive the request, check you are all ready a Forum Member, and then approve. You’ll be notified using the email you gave and can then Login to see the draft policies. 

19 September 2017

Draft Policies Completed!

..and provided to SMBC (we await their feedback on the last sets).  
Four or five members of the Forum team have been beavering away over summer to move the Plan forward as quickly as possible (and get it in place well in advance of SMBC’s housing allocations coming into effect).

As a community, we owe them huge thanks for their commitment, which means we are close to finalising the full Draft Neighbourhood Plan document.  Our attention is now turning to the various, detailed supporting documents that we are legally required to submit alongside the Plan.

19 September 2017

SMBC Master Concept Plans

We are extremely concerned at the lack of progress being made on development of Master Concept Plans for the 1050 new houses SMBC propose in Knowle - so much so that we have recently flagged this to the SMBC Scrutiny Board and will be following up with our Local Councillors. 

19 September 2017

SMBC Neighbourhood Plan

We've had two meetings with SMBC over summer - one 4 hours!In terms of the Neighbourhood Plan, these have been invaluable, and certainly yielded some interesting and lively discussions as we get into the detail of Plan policies. Discussions have helped to give greater clarity in some areas, thrown up frustrations in others and, in some places, we’ve agreed to disagree.

19 September 2017

Two Grant-Aided Studies Commissioned

In August we commissioned two grant-aided studies:  'Heritage and Character Assessment' and 'Urban Design Master Planning’ (unfortunately grant funding does NOT include Transport and Landscape, hence the need for the Campaign).  

Together, the two grant-aided studies will considerably strengthen our ‘evidence base’, as specialists using a recognised methodology (and building on the Residents' Survey feedback) will provide objective data and analysis on what makes KDBH distinctive, what we must protect, and how new development must be designed to ‘fit’ well in our Area.  

Don’t miss October’s Forum, which will include a workshop on these aspects designed for participation by everyone.


17 July 2017





















11 July 2017

UPDATE:  Dorridge Planning Application - "Station Bar"

A huge 'Thank You' and 'Well Done' to all who took the time to respond to our notification of Planning Application for the former Station Cafe/Bar in Dorridge.  A fantastic response (SMBC's original notification received only 6 responses, including us and DDRA) - community action at work!

Click to see a summary analysis of all your feedback.  We've sent this to Councillor Ian Courts, and also to SMBC to be circulated as an update to Planning Committee members in advance of their meeting to review the Application tomorrow, 12 July. 

Don't forget, if you want to see how things go 'on the day', you can 'tune into' these meetings via Solihull Council's website at

5 July 2017

URGENT:  Dorridge Planning Application - "Station Bar"

On 12 July, Solihull Planning Committee will review an application to redevelop Station Bar (Ref: PL/2017/00988/COU on SMBC website).   We're highlighting this because of the building's village centre location and its prominence for the Station Road Conservation Area.  Redevelopment may be welcome, although current proposals do include:

-  extending drinking facilities outside on both the ground floor and on a new rooftop area (increased noise and privacy considerations)

-  raising the height of the building and creating wooden boarding around the perimeter (visual impact in a conservation area).

Please let us know your views, good and bad, via our contact form at the foot of this page.


22 June 2017

The Results are in

Thanks to all members who joined in our first short survey on Solihull Council's proposals to build 1050 new houses in Knowle.   It worked!!

We promised to let you have the results - shown on the left.  Click the arrows to move between slides.  The bottom right number shows how many responded to each question - so 163 people contributed their views.

These are enormously helpful to us - we aim to create a 'Frequently Asked Questions' to respond to your queries.  So watch out for more mini surveys which go to all members.  Just one of the new ways we're trying to reach out to more people in our community... 


20 June 2017

What Did Independent Consultants Say About Housing Needs in KDBH?

​At the end of last year, we commissioned a study to look specifically at KDBH housing needs (part of grant-aided support available to Neighbourhood Planning).  This study analyses housing demand in terms of both the number and type of houses KDBH requires.  

Find out how the findings compare to Solihull Council's proposals...

Read the Report Here

20 June 2017

Our latest Facebook post

A very warm welcome to all our new members who have joined up following our Facebook post yesterday. 

If you want a bit of background to help you complete the quick survey we sent you, read our response to Solihull Council by clicking Here.












31 May 2017

Add your views to Transport Consultation - Closing 9 June

Transport for the West Midlands (part of the West Midlands Combined Authority) are seeking views on their 2026 Draft Delivery Plan covering the first 10 years of the longer-term transport plan for the region.  Proposals include a number of schemes for Solihull, some of which could affect us due to their proximity to KDBH.   Read more

13 May 2017

Free drink for KDBH Members!

See Bentley Heath Country Market's entry on our new KDBH Events calendar.

Publicise your local event for free - contact us with details.

15 February 2017

Forum response to SMBC's proposals for housing development in KDBH

Solihull Council's proposals would see 1050 new homes built on two large sites of Green Belt in Knowle. While these could bring community benefits, there's a lot of unanswered questions.  We sought your feedback in putting together our response.... Read more

Solihull Council (SMBC) proposes building 1050+ new houses in Knowle.  Residents and businesses are really concerned about this huge growth (25%), in particular the impact on:

  1. car parking, congestion and traffic capacity at key junctions, in Knowle and around KDBH

  2. the quality of landscape and the green environment around our villages 


It is clear that SMBC will NOT be undertaking the impact analysis we seek prior to approval of the housing plans.  We think this is unacceptable.  

Forum attendees have said they are willing to contribute to the cost of undertaking the necessary analysis using independent consultants.  So today we're formally launching a campaign to raise funds, and asking for your support.  

We've scoped the work needed and responses indicate we'll need a total of c. £10,000 - £12,000.  If we don't achieve all this, then we would prioritise within the available funding.  

Read more details on the analysis to be undertaken and ways in which you may choose to donate. 


Thank you for your on-going support.

Impact of new housing proposals on KDBH

Campaign Launch


8 November 2016
The Boundary Commission are proposing boundary changes to MPs' constituencies.  This being a National Government, not Local Authority, matter, it is outside the remit of the Forum.  Nevertheless, we are raising awareness and encouraging residents to make their views known directly on the Consultation website  Read more  

Submissions need to be in by 5th December.

7 November 2016
Knowle Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan Limited Accounts as presented at the Company and Forum AGM on 12.10.2016   Read more 

4 November 2016
Minutes of the Company and Forum AGM on 12.10.2016   Read more   

Chair's Review of the Year   Read more

Transport & Infrastructure Speaker Notes   Read more

Leisure, Learning & Community Facilities Speaker Notes   Read more


23 October 2016
Developer material provided for our Developer Showcase, outlining their proposals for potential development sites in KDBH, now available Read more

10 October 2016
Save our Parks

MPs on the Communities and Local Government Committee are running a consultation on how we use parks and how they’re managed.  Feedback will help determine the future of our parks.  Our LL&CF team has submitted the below on behalf of KDBH.  Read more

7 October 2016
Developer Showcase Results

Attached is output from this Event held in July 2016.  

A narrative summary   Read more

a table of results (Appendix B) is  Read more 

a graphic of the room layout (Appendix A)   Read more


4 October 2016

Residents Survey Final Report, analysed and produced by our independent survey expert from Stratford Council.   Read more

3 October 2016
Knowle Society have campaigned to preserve three areas in Knowle from future development.  A Council Meeting 5th October, 6pm in  the Civic Suite  will decide if any of these areas can remain as Open Green Space for posterity. 


12 September 2016
Letter to SMBC re Planning Application Pl 2016/01535, Earlswood Road, Dorridge    Read more


12 September 2016
Note of meeting with SMBC on “Call for Sites” and related NP matters, May 2016    Read more


8 September 2016

Initial presentation of the Residents Survey Findings to the Extraordinary Forum Meeting on 19 July 2016   Read more


23 July 2016

This was picked from an advert in Arden Observer Thursday 21 July 2016 (Page 12)

This Public Exhibition is independently organised by Applegreen plc and is NOT a KDBH Forum event

Please encourage as many people as possible to attend.


Proposal for New Motorway Service Area - M42 Junction 4 - Public Exhibition

The Exhibition will take place on the following dates and venues (3pm till 8pm)

Tuesday 26th July at Dorridge Village Hall, Grange Road, Dorridge

Wednesday 27th July at Cheswick Green Village Hall, Cheswick Way, Cheswick Green


19 July 2016
A copy of the Call for Sites Map displayed at the Developer Showcase Event   Read more 


18 July 2016

As of today,  we have had 32,252 visitors to the KDBH Forum website since we started it last year!

Please keep in touch 


17 July 2016
A very BIG Thank You to all the Developers who came along for the Developers Showcase on Saturday 16 July 2016

There was an excellent turnout of over 400 residents who took the opportunity to discuss the proposals presented by the Developers 


17 March 2016
Solihull Connected Transport Strategy.
The results of this consultation, as well as the draft transport strategy are being submitted to the Council's Economic Development & Managed Growth Scrutiny Board for consideration on Thursday 17  March.
Draft strategy and consultation report    Read more


14 March 2016

What our young people told us

Last week's Forum meeting included outcomes from our Youth Forum, attended by over 80 of our school children, capturing their vision for the future of our Area.  Some valuable insights Read more


March 4, 2016

Article in this week's Solihull Observer

This week’s Solihull Observer has an ‘Exclusive’ setting out a vision for re-development of Arden School.    At the end, it mentions Solihull Council referencing the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum. 

Image from Solihull Observer   Read more 

Solihull Observer electronic copy March 9 2016   Read more

For the avoidance of doubt, this is one of a number of ideas being put forward to Solihull Council as part their recent ‘call for sites’ – none of which has been approved and none of which is being promoted by KDBH.   Our role is to remain independent, while ensuring that the community is aware of, and involved in, any options and choices that need to be made around plans for the future of our Area.  


7 January 2016

Extraordinary Housing Meeting on 13 January 2016

This is an opportunity not to be missed to ensure that views from across our Neighbourhood are 

heard and considered right from the outset of SMBC’s Housing review.


2 December 2015

A PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation used at the Forum Launch is available

This does not require PowerPoint to view it.   Read more


27 November 2015
Some interesting transport statistics for our Area.  Read more


27 November 2015
A PowerPoint presentation used at the Forum Launch that was designed to answer the most frequently asked questions is available to download  

Please note the slides will change automatically.  

NB: This  is no longer available, please view the PDF version above 2 December 2015 


10 October 2015

The Neighbourhood Forum is now official!

The Forum has just been officially designated by Solihull MBC making it the first such Forum to be approved in the Borough.

A launch campaign will run from 7 - 15 of November.   Read more


5 October 2015
Emily Walsh, SMBC Transport specialist, to speak at our Forum Meeting on 8 Oct 2015.

A chance not to be missed to hear about future plans and air your views on transport matters.


5 October 2015
Welcome to all our new members who have joined since Dorridge Day.
We look forward to welcoming you at our New Members Introductory session at 6:15pm 8 October 2015 at Arden Academy


5 October 2015

UK Central Update on 2 Nov 2015

Members are encouraged to sign up quickly (limited places) to what should be a very interesting session on what's happening with UK Central and what it means for us.  Read more

2 October 2015

The Agenda for our next Forum meeting on  8 Oct 2015 is available  Read more

Please bring along the Minutes of the last Forum meeting available  Read more

24 August 2015

Middlefield Housing Development, Knowle.

Taylor Wimpey are seeking local views on their emerging proposals for a new residential development on land off Middlefield Avenue, Knowle (a site already allocated for 115 dwellings in the Solihull Local Plan).


There is a public consultation event on 8 Sep 2015, before plans are finalised and the planning application is submitted to Solihull Council.  

Middlefield Avenue, Knowle housing development by Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey consultation boards 


24 August 2015  
Cheaper gas and electricity?

Interesting development at Solihull Council, with the launch of a new energy switching scheme – ‘Switch ‘n’ Save - aiming to reduce energy costs in the borough.   Register your interest (with no commitment) by 12 October 2015 at or call 0121 704 6000.


24 August 2015

Solihull  Connected Green Paper 2015 - Improving the transport infrastructure.  Read more


24 August 2015
Congratulations to Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council who have just released the ‘Pre-Submission’ draft of their Neighbourhood Plan for Consultation (which runs from 3 Aug to 14 Sept). 


We can certainly learn from the work that they have undertaken over the past three years.  The Plan is well worth a read.  Read more


16 July, 2015
We have submitted Applications for our Neighbourhood Area and Forum to Solihull Council.  Public Consultation will run from July 16 to August 27. 

 Neighbourhood Area Application   Read more

 Neighbourhood Forum Application   Read more


22 June 2015

A special plea to Bentley Heath - we’re missing your voice on the Neighbourhood Forum. 

Read more


14 June 2015

We have launched our first communication campaign aimed at raising awareness of the Neighbourhood Forum and increasing membership   Read more

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