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By April 2016, we had gathered sufficient information about the KDBH Area - from data sources and from resident feedback - to kick off developing the Neighbourhood Plan 'proper'.  


Given the importance of this stage, we carried out a massive publicity campaign over March, April and May 2016, ie. covering both the Vision Events and the Residents' survey immediately following.  This took a lot of time and effort, but was essential; we were determined do everything we could to make sure that as many people as possible were at least aware of what was happening - and hopefully took the opportunity to join in the discussions from the outset.   We always knew these early days would be challenging, starting from a zero base in October 2015 when no-one had ever heard of a Neighbourhood Plan, or had any idea what a Neighbourhood Forum does......

briefing materials

To get the most out of the Vision sessions, we provided information on key topics relating our Area and made these available on our website.  We encouraged anyone hoping to attend to read these in advance, if possible.

leaflets & posters

Posters and handouts were available on the day to support discussion and for attendees to review and take away....


Over 200 people attended the events, providing invaluable insight into what really matters to our community.  This information fed directly into our subsequent Residents' survey. Our roving reporter recorded what we got up to...  

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