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Vision leaflets, posters and slides

Vision open days leaflet

We created this leaflet to explain and promote the importance of the Vision sessions throughout the Area, with copies available in a whole range of local shops and community facilities (churches, schools, halls etc) for people to take away.  

As these events effectively marked the launch of developing our Neighbourhood Plan 'proper', we also focused strongly on a large, and successful, publicity campaign in the local press  - see our 'In the Press' page

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Vision open days posters

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Vision Leaflet
Vision Posters
Residents Survey
Slides from Introductory Presentation

Another important reason for holding our Vision Events was to publicise the upcoming launch of our Residents Survey.

Solihull Council's vision for KDBH -

Extracted from Local Plan 2013

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KDBH Population Profile

Residents Survey
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