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Visit Knowle

Visit Knowle is a group of volunteers made up of local business owners, employees, community groups and residents of the area. We've got together to work on a range of projects that will help promote the village as a place to come and visit. 


The group formed because we love Knowle and the sense of community we feel when we are in the village. We want to improve and sustain the long-term success of Knowle by encouraging more visitors to invest not only their time and money in what we offer but also their interest.

Our aims are to:

  •  encourage more people to engage in our village and great heritage while encouraging all to be involved in our community.

  • facilitate stakeholders working together collaboratively.


We've also seen the success the Knowle Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum have had over the last few years and the amount of support and concern residents have for our village and are looking to help build on that.

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