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Supporting Our Community Organisations


We want to help promote wider community awareness of, and support for, our local clubs and the work they do in the service of our community.  One way we can do this is by using the Forum's technology and communications infrastructure and skills to create: ​

A KDBH Community Groups Listing

Bringing together in one place summary details of KDBH clubs, with quick and easy links to more information - see example below.

Those using the listing can also search to find groups by their chosen category / area of interest. 

KVCC Example.png
How to Submit your Entry.

Download this Word document 



Completing the Form: Each part of the form will only accept the number of characters stated. 

Use the TAB key to move to the next entry – this highlights the text and automatically deletes it once you start typing.

If you use Return or Mouse Click the text is not automatically deleted and you must delete it with the Delete or Back keys to free up space.

Other hints appear in the Status Bar at the bottom of the page.

Each part of the form will only accept the number of characters stated so delete the existing text eg 'Max 45 characters' so you have more space.

Please email your completed form to  

We will input your details and contact you with a screenshot of the entry that you can check prior to us putting it ‘live’.  Thank you.

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