Supporting Our Community Organisations and Promoting Local Events


We want to help promote wider community awareness of, and support for, our local clubs and the work they do in the service of our community.  One way we can do this is by using the Forum's technology and communications infrastructure and skills to create: ​

1. A KDBH Community Groups Listing

Bringing together in one place summary details of KDBH clubs, with quick and easy links to more information - see example below.

Those using the listing can also search to find groups by their chosen category / area of interest. 


KVCC Example.png
2. A KDBH Events Calendar to Promote Local Events

An on-line space where community groups can quickly and easily publicise and promote their events, with up-to-date information easily accessible in one place.  

Example of an entry on the Events Page.

Your logo or  an image plus a brief description of the event and date and time.

St P Fun Run P1.png

Clicking on the brief description opens a full page with more details, photo and links to relevant site(s).

St P Fun Run P2.png

Huge thanks to all the community groups who kindly offered their support to help us develop and trial a pilot of the two systems and associated processes.  It is their details that are included in this first release, with, at this stage, just a few example events as clubs start thinking about if and how they choose to 'open up' again post Covid.  We very much look forward to growing the number of clubs and events with your help.

How Do I Take Part? 

Any KDBH community organisation can take advantage of these new ways to increase their profile and publicise their events on-line.  

To take part, you simply need to register with the Forum Here and pay the annual £10 subscription via our donations page Here - there is no other charge.  

This gives you an entry on the Community Groups page plus promotion of as many events as you wish over 12 months.


To join our Community Groups Listing:  please download this form to provide us with some short details about your group.  Once completed, email it to us at kdbhforum@gmail.com.  We will add the details into the Listing and email you a picture of what it looks like for your final approval.

To add an Event:   For first-time users, please email us at kdbhforum@gmail.com with details of your event, including, most importantly, a logo or good quality, eye-catching image.  We will add the event into the calendar and then chat this through with you to:  a) check the entry is correct;  and b) also offer some short training that will enable one of your group members to input the details directly.  


For subsequent event entries, submitting information is easy to do by clicking on the green 'Submit Event' button at the top of the Calendar.





For entries submitted via the green button, we check that your data is showing correctly (we will help correct, if necessary) and simply 'approve' the entry for publication.  Once you've done a couple and are familiar with how to input the data, this then puts YOU in control and enables a very fast turnaround.

Submit Event Screenshot.png