Funding for Community Projects in 2020/21 -
£150,000+ available

We'll know exactly the funds available in financial year 2020/21 in early April.  However, the pot already stands at over £150,000 - a big step up on the £37,800 in 2019/20. Bidding opens in April 2020, probably through to the end of August.  So interested groups can get their thinking caps on straight away!  

If you are a KDBH community group or organisation and want some guidance or support in preparing a bid, please contact Roger Cook, who is leading work on this on behalf of the Forum Team, via email to

The Council's funding request form, with supporting documents, are available Here

In January 2020, we met with the Council  to discuss learnings from the scheme's first year of operation and what could be improved - particularly as we are unique in the Borough as having an active Neighbourhood Forum with an adopted Neighbourhood Plan.  Other non-Parished areas are generally less aware of the funding available and therefore more reliant on funding decisions being made by the Council.  Key points for improvement are:

  • The need to ensure greater awareness of the scheme across the KDBH community. This is our greatest concern, and one where we can really help.  We've therefore committed to using the strong local networks created during Neighbourhood Plan development, as well as our website and Facebook page, to reach out across the community.

  • The need to improve the Council's documentation on the scheme, making it easier to understand and clearer on what does and doesn't count as a potential project. The Council agreed to look at this.

  • More help and guidance for potential bidders.  The Council has agreed to refer bidders to a nominated Forum contact (see above) for initial guidance and support, eg. to help identify if/how a project fits with the Neighbourhood Plan; where there may be cross-benefits where bids work together; or where other sources of funding may be more appropriate / available.  

  • Improving assessment of bids.  The Council would find it really helpful to have a clear framework of KDBH overall community needs and priorities which they can use to more easily and objectively assess bids.  So we've committed to working with the community to try and develop this.  Starting with the Community Actions already in the Neighbourhood Plan, we would look ultimately perhaps to creating a more 'strategic' rolling 3-year view.

We will keep you posted on developments via this page.....

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