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KDBH Forum Newsletters

Reminder Forum AGM

Notification of AGM. 

31 October 2022, 6:30pm, Arden Academy, Knowle

Public  Open Forum Meeting, 12 September 2022

Minutes of the Meeting


Inspectors' Letter Brings Shock News for KDBH

Plus a reminder of our next meeting, details below - now all the more important given today's news of the Solihull Local Plan Independent Inspectors' findings on the Arden Triangle (KN2) proposed development site.

Save the Date

Please make sure you join us to hear about, and make your views known on, a range of vitally important matters that directly affect our local community

Arden Triangle

Member Alert - Council Local Plan Update

Update on Community Response

Arden Triangle

Member Alert - Council Local Plan

More housing, community facilities at risk

Letter Box Cover

Celebrating Community

A community celebrating the past and vocal about its future

Arden Triangle KN2

Back To the Future

This special newsletter briefs you on activities and progress as we pass our first Year End as a charity, with food for thought on your Neighbourhood Forum’s future sustainability.

Dorridge Park

The best laid plans.....

Ever had that feeling you’re on top of things, only to find the unexpected throws a spanner in the works? More on which below, but first: Starting 2022 on a Positive Note

Crowd outside Red Lion

And the Result is?

To be honest, we don't know yet! But the updates below are nevertheless important reading for all KDBH residents

Your Community Your Vote

To be added

Community Projects - Your Vote

Community Projects - Your Vote

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